The Transformation Continues

We are pleased to announce two new exhibitions this summer: Voices of the Nisga'a Treaty and Harvesting Nisga'a: The Survival and Rich Cultural Identity of Nisga'a Fishing. Our new exhibitions will run until the fall and feature curated in-house content. Voices of the Nisga'a Treaty is an interactive media experience which focuses on the story of the Nisga'a Treaty and interviews of Nisga'a Citizens. These interviews feature emotional moments associated for the formation of the treaty and the legacy of the Nisga'a Nation. Harvesting Nisga'a is a look at the traditional harvesting of oolichen, salmon and seafood and how harvesting these resources has shaped Nisga'a culture and endures today. The exhibition includes free samples of traditional Nisga'a seafood. 

The Nisga'a Museum is working on researching the history of each item in the Ancestors’ Collection and continually enhancing our beautiful permanent collection. Through exhibit information panels, an audio guide, museum books, audio/visual presentation, and searchable database, these rich and interwoven tales will take visitors deep into traditional Nisga’a life and culture. 

As our staff about our upcoming cultural kisoks, which aims to transfrom our Ancestors Collection with interactive multi-media content and will be installed in the winter of 2017.