Anhooya’ahl Ga’angigatgum’ - The Ancestors' Collection


A Treasury of Art and Culture
The entrance to Anhooya’ahl Ga’angigatgum’ , the Ancestors’ Collection, is through a stylized Nisga’a longhouse front featuring Txeemsim as Raven. Txeemsim is the grandson of K’am Ligii Hahlhaahl, the Chief of Heavens. Transformer extraordinaire, Txeemsim has played a central role in Nisga’a culture from the beginning. He brought light to the Nisga’a — along with many other gifts. His journey helped shape the course of the river and the lay of the land.

The role of Txeemsim was well summed up by the late educator and historian Sim’oogit Axdii Wil Luugooda, Bert McKay. “I tell you about Txeemsim,” Bert explained, “because he is the touchstone of our identity, our history. Txeemsim and Nisga’a are one in the same.”

The Ancestors’ Collection is divided into four galleries:

  1. TRANSFORMATION GALLERY: a stunning array of naxnok (spirits) masks and a celebration of the Nisga’a performers who brought these spirits to life.
  2. HALAYT GALLERY: an awe-inspiring display of items used by Nisga’a shamans to summon, focus, and direct supernatural forces.
  3. AYUUK GALLERY: a hoohlgan (chief’s box) opens to reveal the regalia and possessions that symbolize the social roles and structures prescribed by Ayuukhl Nisga’a (Nisga’a laws and customs).
  4. LIVING RIVER GALLERY: a display of possessions used in daily life in a Nisga’a longhouse, on the land, or along the banks of Lisims.